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Pigeons Airlines is a 5,555 piece NFT collection, hand-drawn and developed
on the Solana blockchain.
The collection includes 10 Special Pigeons and 5 Superspecial Pigeons.
Each NFT has unique features that make it different from the rest of them.
Each NFT is based on SPL protocol based on the Metaplex NFT standard.

Pigeons Airlines story

In 1905, the Pigeon brothers developed their first flying machine, in an attempt to connect the world in the fastest possible way.
The turning point was the creation of a flight control system that allowed the pilot to fly the plane and keep it stable.
This method is, to this day, the base standard for every fixed-wing aircraft.
That idea was the spark behind the creation of the Airlines.

Pigeon brothers

Pigeons Showcase

Let's skip ahead. The company growth called for the recruitment of 5,555 skilled pilots, destined to fly over the globe.
Here's a few of them:

Secondary Market fees share

What's the advantage of becoming a Pigeons Airlines shareholder?

Our program includes a redistribution of the secondary market fees (buying and selling NFT costs) according to the following percentages:

Fees Share Pie Chart

There's more! We have a final surprise

all-inclusive trip around the world

When sold out, we are going to randomly select one lucky winner.
The winner will be sent all around the world, on a fabulous trip sponsored by Pigeons Airlines,
visiting major cities and resting their feathers in wonderful locations.
Otherwise, he/she can opt to redeem the 30K $ in cryptocurrency.

There will be prizes for the owners, too!

Alienware laptop ©

Every time we sell 618 pigeons, we will celebrate! In fact, we're going to draw one of our supporters.
The lucky winner is going to receive an Alienware X15 R2 gaming laptop and a Dell headphones set,
or they can opt to redeem the equivalent worth (3,600 $) in cryptocurrency.

Check the configuration from the official website!

Pigeons will save the world

Becoming a shareholder of Pigeons Airlines, you're also going to help us support animals.
In fact, 2% of the revenues of our sales - no matter how many pigeons we sell - is going to be devolved in support of a charity organisation that focuses its efforts on animal welfare.

Disclaimer: once the lucky winners choose how to retrieve their prizes, they won’t be able to switch between modes. Due to logistic reasons, the winners choosing physical prizes will have to be willing to share personal data with us. Failing to do so, after choosing one of the physical prizes, will determine the draw of a new winner. All data are protected in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018.


Step 1

Brainstorming and research. We pick our subjects and the creative process start.

Step 2

The actual creation of our NFTs.

Step 3

Test, test, test. Both on Devnet and Mainnet.

Step 4

We put the site online. The Pigeons Airlines has now a new base.

Step 5

Marketing is everything, and we know that well. We are now irresistible.

Step 6

A presale, for those who like to gloat after a bargain.

Step 7

Listing on Solana sites.

Step 8

The main sale event. Last chance to get your pigeons!



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